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Let us go forth to love and serve the Lord!
    'Thanks be to God!'

These are the closing words of every service at St. Francis.  Each week we are therefore reminded that we are a people in mission.  Our call as followers of Jesus is to love Him with all of our soul, heart, mind and strength; and to love our neighbor as our selves.  Anglicans believe that we have a message of hope to share with the world in both word and deed.

St. Francis is engaged in serving the Lord both locally and globally...

To find out about local outreach in our community and the organizations with whom we partner, click here.

The origins of our diocese, Christ our Hope, share a long relationship with the Anglican Church in Rwanda.  Since 2019, St. Francis continues to work to develop relationships of mutuality with the churches of the Kigeme Diocese of the Anglican Church of Rwanda.  Teams of people visit with our sister parishes to encourage, teach, and learn.  In the near future, we hope to have some of our brothers and sisters in Christ come and encourage, teach and learn with us in Sanford.

Dr. Marty Pate has given of his time and his ability to help serve in medical missions in the Dominican Republic and in South Africa.  If you are interested in serving on a medical mission with Waters of Siloam, email Dr. Pate.

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